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I have never seen a better booklet for a single disc

 I cannot imagine a better, more complete introduction to a relatively unknown composer.

James Harrington American Record Guide January 2012


Colorful and evocative and well worth a listen

Daniel Morrison Fanfare November 2011


Bright, forward, and lifelike

Barry Brenesal Fanfare November 2011


Stunningly beautiful music

Denise Parr–Scanlin Clavier Companion November 2011


Each piece charms

Steve Schwartz Classical CD Review September 2011


 Autant de vignettes musicales au charme certain, marquées par un goût pour les contes de fées et le fantastique.

Bertrand Boissard Diapason September 2011


Wonderfully evocative music

Raymond S. Tuttle International Record Review July 2011


Revealed in all his pianistic glory

Nikolai Tcherepnin (1873-1945), patriach of a still-thriving musical dynasty, student of Rimsky-Korsakov and teacher of Prokofiev, is revealed in all his pianistic glory in these fascinating first recordings, from the lushly romantic early "Three Pieces", with their tinges of Chopin and Rachmaninov, to a charmingly original set of tone poems based on children's alphabet sketches, which display just why his friends teasingly called him "Debussy Ravelovich". David Witten is entirely at home in the vivid imagery of "The Fisherman and the Fish" – all watery splashes and flashing sunlight. Enchanting stuff.

Stephen Pritchard The Observer 15th May 2011

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